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This is scary…

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Trash Talk

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you guys be sure to check the dub tape series at the line up above..dub tapes..i will try to feature a new mix every week..so stay tuned

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Time for a little vent…

Just because I work in a position that doesn’t require a lot of schooling doesn’t give you the right to not treat me with the same respect I give you. In my workplace it is important that everyone work as a team. Here is my scenario…

I have to page a certain nurse to request an additional room for add on cases in the operating room. Once I paged her I went about my normal business waiting for her to call back. A few minutes later she walks in and tells me that if I am to page her then I must answer the phone. The phone never rang, and the way she approached me about it was a bit disrespectful. Instead of asking she automatically assumed that I didn’t answer the phone. Now why would I not answer the phone? It’s not only that nurse but others that feel they can speak to other employees as if they don’t have a clue, I don’t even want to start on some of the physicians I have to deal with. I just don’t understand how you can continue to be employed with the reputation of treating your “team members” the way they do. The sad thing is they will continue this dis respectfulness and the hospital will continue losing its front line members because they end up snapping or just don’t get paid enough to deal with so much bullshit. I can’t wait until I can finish my degree so that I have more of a voice and possibly make some changes to how people are treated….

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Seattle Bound

seattle bound for the weekend…stay tuned for updates

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God Emcee

“There is a certain realm of Hip-Hop [that is missing] and you might have to blame that on New York”, Rakim said. “New York is responsible for bringing that raw, that real gritty Hip-Hop, because we originated it.”

I mean, when you’re churning out ‘artists’ like Ron Browz, then yes, you definitely have a problem.

He said there was hope, if the region got back to the staple sound that hit its zenith in the 80’s and 90’s.

“New York and the East Coast, we gotta represent and do our part. And it’s OK for everybody else to do what they do. Then it will be a balance and everybody’ll be happy.”

See, this is what people aren’t realizing. Every region has it’s own sound and flavor and the reason for that is as Rakim says, BALANCE. Unfortunately, there are artists from all regions making music that’s just remarkably mediocre, and THAT is what is killing hip-hop right now.

Nevertheless, the pioneering rap artist remained optimistic about the future for the genre.

“I’m feeling good [and] optimistic and I’m hoping people understand that power that Hip-Hop got. I hope everybody understands the time we in right now, and I hope everybody wanna make some good music and keep Hip-Hop alive.”

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